This debut album of inspirational faith-based soft rock gospel songs is the result of several life changing events over an 8 year period that include a remarkable vision of Jesus Christ which I explain below. 
It all began in 2007 during my involvement in a stressful, life altering business related legal proceeding lasting 2 years.
Just after the court proceedings ended in 2009, I was diagnosed with cancer. I went out of state for experimental treatment requiring me to be away from home and family for 6 months. As of this writing, the cancer is in remission. Thank you God.
That same year in 2009, I was both, blessed and tested after having received an unexpected 7 figure windfall from the sale of one of my website businesses. The proceeds from that sale allowed me to get through some very difficult times that included battles with cancer, my faith and personal relationships. During that time, I also became keenly aware of the temptations that money can bring. I now understand Matthew 19:24 which states that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich person to enter into the Kingdom of God. 
Lastly, in May of 2010, after just having laid down for a short rest, I immediately experienced a very profound and spectacular 20 to 30 second vision of Jesus Christ’s face simultaneously and repeatedly popping in and out of every area of my mind’s eye. I was of course completely mind blown and perplexed by this fantastic experience. The vision came out of nowhere and I did not have a clue as to what it meant at the time.
I struggled for over 5 years trying to understand what the purpose and meaning of the vision was. It was only very recently as I was working on this album that I realized the vision was both a warning and an invitation, a last chance perhaps to accept that Jesus is real and that if I accepted Him, without reservation, my life would change. I could become His steward.
I know that I will never be a perfect human being, but today, my life is under new management. Management by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost!
I look forward to visiting the river Jordan where I may be baptized as was Jesus Christ by John the Baptist.
I truly hope the songs on this Holy Spirit inspired album draw you closer to Christ as you continue your walk along the straight and narrow path to eternal salvation. Compassion, humility and love in the interest of serving Gods Kingdom is what life is about.


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